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Reaching out for support is the first step you can make to begin making changes and move on with your life. 

I am so glad you are here.   I like this section of my website to help you get to know me before we meet.  I am a Bay Area native with a few years living in Southern California.  I experienced life as a young single mother and the challenges that provided me and now so proud of my grown son and love spending time with my two grandsons!

Earlier in my career I worked as a project manager in the corporate world. I went back to school later in life and earned my B.A. in Psychology from Sonoma State and later an M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University. I have worked in several agencies and over the years seeing adults & adolescents and now in private practice in San Francisco and Marin counties.  During graduate school, I worked with the developmentally disabled and continue to have a special place in my heart for them. In my personal time I like to see friends and family, hike, take photographs and travel.

My work with clients focuses on helping people build on their strengths. I specialize in working with clients on issues of anxiety and also childhood relational trauma. My passion is working with people so they can find a way to be genuine and fulfilled.

I believe we all have a life-positive, self-directing, self-healing energy and intelligence.  Along the way, many of us have had experiences that have inhibited or created stuck places that have added to life stress.  My goal is to create a space that facilitates the emergence of this natural impulse towards health and wholeness.

My clients describe me as warm and approachable.  My therapeutic approach is rooted in interpersonal process, emotion-focused intervention, and mindfulness.  I often see clients who need help with:

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Life Transitions

  • Parenting

  • Communication skills

  • Intimacy and relationship issues

  • Loss & Grief

  • Trauma, Acute and Chronic

  • Addiction & Co-dependency

  • Learning and developmental disabilities